For purposes of maintaining, coordinating and working on content, to keep the website in good order, fresh and meeting changes and alterations in the site. A Webmaster with website construction should lead this committee.

Classmate Directory
For purposes of entering, correcting and cleansing the database. A subcommittee of volunteers should be formed to use whatever tools possible for locating lost classmates (i.e.; web search, old lists, friends, criss cross directories, parents, etc).

For purposes of planning and organizing class reunions including locale, print and Internet material, food, entertainment, and registration issues as well as all other details associated with the gathering.

For purposes of preparing and publishing the e-newsletter as well as a building interest and circulation for a print newsletter. This committee should have "reporters" who can gather articles, links and other material of interest to the alumni. There should be a need for someone with print or publishing experience to provide the rich environment that it needs. Volunteers should have ability to write creatively and prepare various articles for submission on a frequent basis to be determined.

For purposes of gathering and preparing "spotlight"biographical articles of half page size on classmates and their lives after graduation. At proper intervals on the website or in the newsletter, these can be published at the rate of 3 to 5 classmates at a time. The e-newsletter should have a "Spotlight" area on the website for such purposes. These bio pieces should be an area that generates interest in the lives and accomplishments of our alumni.

General Store
For purposes of developing, maintaining and generating items of interest offered to the alumni. This might include providing websites that are of use to the alumni, such as FlowersUSA, Amazon, Hallmark, Spencer's Gifts or other similar vendors. This committee would also generate in house materials such as photos, cd's of annuals, t-shirts and other memorabilia of interest to the group.

A special committee that receives or obtains information about a classmate who has passed away or lost an immediate family member. The purpose is to provide communication to the Alumni Group, including service details, obituaries and gathering names of those who wish to attend, purchase flowers or provide services to the families. This needs to be a very special outreach on our part that strengthens our friendships and reaches out in time of need. This committee needs access to the message board and for receiving notices from the membership.

In Touch
Reaching out is an important part of the formation of the group and this committee is a vital part of that outreach. It involves maintaining "close to the ground" with the membership for purposes of finding out if anyone is ill, hospitalized or hurting with some issue. The committee members must be dedicated to visitation (if local), to provide news to the membership, to send a card by mail or internet to cheer them up or comfort them. We will have a flower and card capability with vendors so that classmates may respond with those expressions if they wish.

Events Committee
The members of the Events Committee will be responsible for coordinating the general meetings for all committees and the committee will meet at least four times per year in off-reunion years. These meetings will bring together all volunteers of each committee so that everyone will be kept apprised of what is going on. This committee will plan a few special events throughout the year, i.e. a spring cookout, homecoming event, holiday party, etc. During the reunion year we will be available to provide support to the reunion committee in any area where they may need some assistance.
This committee will work with all committee chair people when a full-blown meeting is required. The Events committee will locate and coordinate the locations for 4 meetings per year with all committee chairpersons. This committee will also serve as archivist for the Alumni association, properly recording actions of the committee of the whole in minute form. This committee will plan 4 social events each year for the membership.

These committees, I think, should provide the core benefits of belonging and serving. If you are interested in Volunteering for one of the above committees please click on the committee that most interests you....

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